Digisign Benefits

Digital Signature

DIGISIGN is a public service for electronic signatures along with the time stamp attached to each document or electronic transaction supported by authenticity of personal data or customer entities that are registered and verified through KYC processes both online and offline and also with anti-denial functions.


Prepare & Send


Review & Sign


Track & Manage

Select the document and recipient, specify the order of signatures, set the number of signatures. Prepare through a template or API.

Review the contents of the form fields, and signatures from your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Track the sign-off status of your documents and signatures in real-time.

Benefits in applying Digisign

The biggest benefits that your business will get in an electronic signature application Digisign is providing efficiency, convenience, & security in signing electronic documents and electronic transactions anytime and anywhere.

Signatures have become an aspect of the work environment & companies in various industrial fields such as Finance, pharmacy, BUMN, etc.
However, all businesses depend on signatures on paper documents, both in internal operations (HR documents, Financial Reports, etc.) and externally (Sales Agreements, Cooperation Contracts, etc.) therefore Digisign present solutions :

  • Cut costs from the amount of document paper used (Paperless & GoGreen).
  • Make it easy to distribute signed documents to different locations.
  • Reducing Costs Distribution of various parties.
  • Digital documents that have been signed guarantee the authenticity of the signatory (Nir-deny).
  • Digital document security is guaranteed because it is equipped with asymmetric & amp; reliable encryption for maintaining comfort & security of each party.

Example of Digisign Benefits

Sales / Marketing

Contract Sales


Cooperative contract

Sales Plan


Sales Report





Consultation Report

Service Level Agreements

Risk Management

Technical Report

Project Status Report

Shipping Agreement

Product Requirements

Maintenance Agreement