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Digital Signature

DIGISIGN is a public service for electronic signatures along with the time stamp attached to each document or electronic transaction supported by authenticity of personal data or customer entities that are registered and verified through KYC processes both online and offline and also with anti-denial functions.


Prepare & Send


Review & Sign


Track & Manage

Select the document and recipient, specify the order of signatures, set the number of signatures. Prepare through a template or API.

Review the contents of the form fields, and signatures from your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Track the sign-off status of your documents and signatures in real-time.

PT. Solusi Net Internusa

DIGISIGN was born from almost 20 years of our experience in the national payment industry, which at that time we managed Switching payment felt that there was a need for more security for existing transactions. For that we created Digital Signature not only for Document Signing but also Transaction Signing to better guarantee the security of a transaction. DIGISIGN has been registered and recognized by the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo).



As a technology company we prepared ourselves to develop Digisign software and applications for both financial and non financial clients and partners in Indonesia.


We believe in the near future Indonesia will have one great digital ecosystem and we already have the concept to level up our business in those area.


Digisign as a team, ready to services and grow together with one vision. We challenge ourselves to be better now and the future.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision PT. Solusi Net Internusa

  • Becoming a Digital Signature Service provider company that is highly competitive, recognized and acceptable as well as value added for customers / customers and stakeholders.

Our Mission PT. Solusi Net Internusa

  1. Providing world-class infrastructure and services to support the development of Digital Technology in Indonesia through Digital Signature.

  2. Partnering with customers to realize different and innovative solutions.

  3. Increase benefits and value for consumers and stakeholders.


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