Digital Signatures

Digital Signature

DIGISIGN is a public service for electronic signatures along with the time stamp attached to each document or electronic transaction supported by authenticity of personal data or customer entities that are registered and verified through KYC processes both online and offline and also with anti-denial functions.


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Select the document and recipient, specify the order of signatures, set the number of signatures. Prepare through a template or API.

Review the contents of the form fields, and signatures from your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Track the sign-off status of your documents and signatures in real-time.

Digital Signature

Digital Signature is a signature consisting of Digital Information that is attached, associated, or related to other Digital Information which is used as a verification and authentication tool.

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Terms of Service digisign

Digisign's Terms and Conditions of Service regulate Digisign service customers, whether individuals, entities or other legal entities that use / buy Digisign services. By using Digisign Services, Customers will accept / comply with all of these terms and conditions accordingly, such as the process or steps of activation, registration, verification, validation of personal data (accuracy of email addresses, personal cellphone numbers or entities and legal entities), up to the end of the service is signed.
In this case the Digisign is protected by copyright, trademark, service marks and laws. Not separated from the logo, tagline and service marks displayed on the Digisign Site from PT. The Net Internusa solution is a Digisign Trademark that has been registered.
Subject to these Terms, Digisign will provide Services and rights to each Customer not to be transferred to anyone, solely for business purposes and in accordance with the Documentation.
Digisign guarantees that the collection and use of personal information is not to be used for other purposes and adapted to government regulations, protected by the population administration law applicable in Indonesia. Customers also need to know that Digisign can process personal data if needed for legal purposes.
The Customer hereby declares and warrants to Digisign that:
  • to be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account name and password.
  • agree that it is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of using an account by a third party, regardless of whether the use is carried out with or without his knowledge and consent.
  • Customers will only use Digisign services for legitimate purposes and are subject to these Terms.
  • the information conveyed to Digisign is true and accurate.
  • Customers will not attempt to obtain unauthorized access to Digisign Systems or Services, other accounts, computer systems or networks that are under Digisign's control or responsibility through hacking, cracking, mining passwords or other illegal methods.

Confidential Information means customer information, whether technical, business or other properties contained in the document. Confidential Information does not cover any information that is known to Digisign before accepting it from the disclosure party.

Disclosure needed. If a Digisign is required by law to disclose Confidential Information, Digisign will provide written notice to the Customer before making a disclosure, unless prohibited from doing so through legal or legal administration.

Digisign has the right to temporarily stop services, if there is a violation detected and has the right to block customer accounts that are temporary or permanent.

An emergency will exclude the parties from being obliged to make any payment, neither the customer nor Digisign is responsible for failures in conditions and situations caused by an emergency event. Parties affected by the emergency event will notify other parties at a reasonable time to continue the performance as soon as possible. Obligations that are not carried out because an emergency event will be carried out as soon as possible if the event ends.

Dispute Resolution Most disputes can be resolved by the laws and regulations that apply in Indonesia.

All of these Terms are complete and exclusive of the agreement between you and Digisign regarding Digisign Services.

All customer information and complaints regarding Digisign services can be found on the site, application, email, telephone number or can be directly addressed to Digisign's office.